Wilmington NC Debt Collection and Judgment Enforcement Attorney

Collecting debts is critical to the cash flow of any business. As part of our overall business practice, we assist clients in recovering past due receivables. We primarily use our litigation experience as leverage to negotiate the best deal for our clients. Wherever warranted, we assert claims for breach of contract, fraud, or Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices, to maximize both the pressure on the defendant and the recovery to our client.

The firm represents several debt buyers, investors, financial institutions, and numerous individuals in collecting money owed following entry of judgment. Many of these are North Carolina judgments, but we also domesticate judgments from other states and enforce them in North Carolina, pursuant to the North Carolina Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act.


Some recent successes in this area include :

Recovered more than $120,000.00 from corporate defendant on domesticated New Jersey judgment.   Ives v. Myers Inv. Servs., (10 CVS 743 Harnett Co). (September 2011).

Pre-recovery $43,000.00 negotiated settlement with Delaware corporation (Bhan v. ICI, 09 CVS 6175 New Hanover Co.) (Sept. 2010).

Recovered $25,000.00 after multiple post judgment motions and hearings, as well as efforts to track assets in Onslow, Pender and New Hanover counties. Eschert v. Chen (08 CVS 2958 New Hanover County) (June 2010).

($20,000.00 settlement just prior to execution sale on residence) August 2011.  Commonwealth Land Title Co. of NC v. Barker, (07 CVS 1407 Guilford County)

Gourvitz v. Colfax, (10 CVS 1491 Randolph County) (successfully domesticated $160,000.00 New York judgment, followed by settlement (terms confidential) just prior to execution sale on residence) July 2011.

Recovered $25,000.00 from disbarred attorney on behalf of fraud victims.  Tanner v. Smith, 08 CVS 8998 (Cumberland County) (February 2013)